The idea of the person as a husk of corn, being stripped naked, smashed, and made into bread — delicious, nutritious, bread — seemed most penetrating. If we think of ourselves as beautiful, imperfect beings, then we must never cease to be dynamic in thought, action, and direction; always moving, always adapting and improving.At times, […]


Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful.  Small could be powerful.  Although we are not economists or politicians who could pass a new law, we can influence and create revolution in society in our way.  We care, have concern for, and act on a small-scale first.  We advocate the sustainable management of resources and […]

Creating a Situation

By the end of the meeting, we decided that we would put up at least one sign at the Citadel that draws a map from the Citadel to the neighborhood community garden (5th/Martha). It would reduce the amount of food garbage that gets thrown in the dumpster at the building, and it can encourage Citadel […]

How a Local Economy Keeps Corporate Power in Check

Violent revolution feels as though it is out of place in our circumstance here in the U.S. which, although some may argue for its necessity, is neither a necessity or a bad thing. Our issue is not the lack of incentive to be incited to violent acts, our issue is complacency. We are fed a […]