Creative and positive solutions

After reading the article about rooftop supermarket greenhouse, I felt my teaching style was reinforced, ie, the idea that there are millions of answers to any single question. We absolutely need to teach the youth to be creative and innovative if we are going to create a sustainable world. Life is not a multiple choice […]

Space for Food in the City

Zero food miles is a hard thing to argue with… after reading of BrightFarms and their plan to install hydroponic greenhouses on top of supermarkets, my thinking travels down two avenues. First: Finally. It’s amazing how so many new technologies sit around until someone has the will and means to put them together and produce […]

Hydroponic Greenhouses

the color green! this is inspiring… a fresh and seemingly obvious solution to the issues our society has carelessly nose-dived into. it starts with one company in one market in one city. let’s see this thrive! i see this as a possibility for cities in the bay area; i really hope supermarkets catch on quickly. […]