The Housewife and Economic Value

Our talk on the topic of E.F. Schumacher’s “Buddhist Economics” lead to so many possible paths of further study. One idea is the relationship to the nuclear family — one member at home, one at work — and its importance in the role of raising children into adulthood. The equal rights movement for women was […]


Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful.  Small could be powerful.  Although we are not economists or politicians who could pass a new law, we can influence and create revolution in society in our way.  We care, have concern for, and act on a small-scale first.  We advocate the sustainable management of resources and […]

How Local Economy Can Stop Global War

E.F. Schumacher started off this excerpt by suggestion that technologist’s top priority should be developing small-scale production mechanisms which are compatible with man’s need for creativity; he then makes a short hop to apply all of this to natural resources and war, from which I take the point of view that concentration on small-scale, local […]

It’s like a TED Talks, but for people who read. Ever heard of SAGE Journals? The journal site is a collection of topic-targeted academic papers written by scholars around the world. I came across it when I went digging for conclusive studies in the administration of traffic law. Local Economy section, I think, might be of strong interest to us.

Fight back with inspiration

Last week’s meeting made me think about the difference between fighting against corporate control by explicit defiance versus inspiring people to come together to create alternatives to what is offered by Mr. Money Bags. Though there is a definitely a time and place for protest, it is not always the best way to achieve one’s […]

How a Local Economy Keeps Corporate Power in Check

Violent revolution feels as though it is out of place in our circumstance here in the U.S. which, although some may argue for its necessity, is neither a necessity or a bad thing. Our issue is not the lack of incentive to be incited to violent acts, our issue is complacency. We are fed a […]