The Housewife and Economic Value

Our talk on the topic of E.F. Schumacher’s “Buddhist Economics” lead to so many possible paths of further study. One idea is the relationship to the nuclear family — one member at home, one at work — and its importance in the role of raising children into adulthood. The equal rights movement for women was […]

Small Changes

China, Russia, Japan, US… Our discussion that started from economics and buddhism expanded to world issues, and we were worried that there were so many problems out there. Because everything is connected and easily accessible, our scope of the world is much larger and we become global citizens aware of everything–at least the stories delivered […]

How Local Economy Can Stop Global War

E.F. Schumacher started off this excerpt by suggestion that technologist’s top priority should be developing small-scale production mechanisms which are compatible with man’s need for creativity; he then makes a short hop to apply all of this to natural resources and war, from which I take the point of view that concentration on small-scale, local […]