roses growing OUT of the concrete

we concluded from this discussion that we need better teachers especially when we don’t have the power to immediately change the standard curriculum. young people need teachers who care, who are able to connect, who are able to see past the bullshit and integrate real-life community into the classroom. so what is one way to […]

How Local Economy Can Stop Global War

E.F. Schumacher started off this excerpt by suggestion that technologist’s top priority should be developing small-scale production mechanisms which are compatible with man’s need for creativity; he then makes a short hop to apply all of this to natural resources and war, from which I take the point of view that concentration on small-scale, local […]

Creative and positive solutions

After reading the article about rooftop supermarket greenhouse, I felt my teaching style was reinforced, ie, the idea that there are millions of answers to any single question. We absolutely need to teach the youth to be creative and innovative if we are going to create a sustainable world. Life is not a multiple choice […]

Fight back with inspiration

Last week’s meeting made me think about the difference between fighting against corporate control by explicit defiance versus inspiring people to come together to create alternatives to what is offered by Mr. Money Bags. Though there is a definitely a time and place for protest, it is not always the best way to achieve one’s […]

How a Local Economy Keeps Corporate Power in Check

Violent revolution feels as though it is out of place in our circumstance here in the U.S. which, although some may argue for its necessity, is neither a necessity or a bad thing. Our issue is not the lack of incentive to be incited to violent acts, our issue is complacency. We are fed a […]