Who is the dreamer-and who the dreamed

My parents read Chuang Tzu’s the Butterfly dream to me as the bedtime story when I was little. But I have not really given much thought until prior to this APC meeting. I have to reach to the fundamental of the story and decode the “dream”. According to Dream Dictionary for Dummies, 1) the dream […]


I dozed off and blacked out last night. Somewhere in between I had come to identify with the ox and the oxen in the story. The cook, who was acknowledged as a cook and a cutter of the ox, might be more inclined to call himself an ox. He must have known it in a […]

Let Go

Let go and let things happen, In my opinion, the order of the universe will continue to revolve, it does not matter what we want in the end, so we had be better be in tune with what surrounds us and learn to channel it into positive energy. Don’t think about things to the point […]

Learning, Understanding, Feeling

How can we go through life living in the spirit of the fluid, effortless, ox cutting cook without first extending effort? If we are shown the way, we can not really learn the way. If we understand they way, we do not really know the way. But if we feel the way, ah ha, then we […]

ACP Reading: Cutting an Ox

The Prince’s cook Was cutting up an ox. Out went a hand, Down went a shoulder, He planted a foot, He pressed a knee, The ox, fell apart With  a whisper, The bright cleaver murmured Like a gentle wind. Rhythm! Timing Like a sacred dance, Like “The Mulberry Grove,” Like ancient harmonies! “Good work!” the […]